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Discovery Sessions

A discovery session is
a fun and interactive
2-hour workshop where we explore what makes your brand matter.


In this session our team will help those creative and analytical brain waves play and intermingle as we dive into your brand to really find the vision and values behind it.

We’ll be wrestling with your foundations and your big goals to develop meaningful messaging and next steps to better connect with your audience and grow your business.

On completion you will:

  • Better understand your USP, voice, style, story, mission, values, audience and goals
  • Uncover fresh new ways to look at your business
  • Have identified areas for improvement
  • Be energised for what you do and how you do it
  • Set goals for future success.


As someone who is more comfortable with business processes than branding or design I found Matter’s Discovery Session an incredible way to come to understand my business in a way that really brought it to life. Instead of just thinking of my business as a set of systems the Discovery Session helped me think of the business as a person with goals and personality.

This has helped us refocus how we operate, how we market, and how we interact with customers. It was a an eye opening two hours and has made our business much clearer in our own eyes.

Additionally, we found that by the end we had discovered areas where we needed to improve our operations. The Discovery Session was not just a soft conversation, it was an eye opening two hours that has laid the foundations for our business to grow in both culture, operations, and business processes.

Alexander Worton